Metal Fabrication Mooresville North Carolina

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 Metal Fabrication Mooresville NC - By Quarter Mile Muscle of Mooresville, North Carolina. Here at our shop we perform Custom Metal Fabrication on many types of automobiles and other custom metal projects here on-site. We media blast metal and remove rust and old paint on many types of projects and surfaces. Here we have metal working knowledge and tooling to get the job done correctly and neatly. We do mig and tig welding here on most of our custom metal fabrication projects. We do not limit our metal fab talents by sticking only to automobiles, we also love to create "Metal Art" here.



Metal Fabrication Mooresville NC


 When you are looking for some Custom Metal Fabrication in Mooresvile, NC QMM is here for you. A Shop that can handle a wide array of metal fabricating needs is a good shop to know. If your Car or Trucks fender, floor pan or trunk pan are starting to show their age, we can fix that problem for you. We install and fabricate anything we need out of metal. We also use some aftermarket sheet metal but each peice will usually need extra metal fabrication to look totally correct as far as proper fitment goes.



Metal Fabrication Mooresville NC

 We build custom Motor Mounts, Tranmission mounts and other types of brackets. Maybe your looking to get every gap between each panel on your car as perfect as possible or maybe your aftermarket hood needs that extra touch, we are here for you. We have a clean shop and dedicated metal fabrication area for our metal techs to create. 



Metal Fabrication Mooresville NC


 Metal Fabrication Mooresville NC - When it has to be level and true we have a very large plate leveler made out of heavy gauge steel. When you have a car with serious rust issues it is very important to make sure your metal repairs will be as true and level as it should be. We have seen many classic cars with sheet metal repairs that are way off from factory specifications. Here at QMM we have built Custom Chassis for one off projects. We modify vehicles and it will usually involve some sort of metal work. 



Metal Fabrication Mooresville NC




 Metal Fabrication Mooresville NC - Maybe your looking for a custom front or rear spoiler for your car or truck. We do design and build to suite here. We build custom rear wings for projects and for the public. Contact us today so we can get together and design something that is truly a one of a kind Custom. If you need metal repairs to a vehicle contact us here to email us today.







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  Classic Car Inspection Service NC by Quarter Mile Muscle located here in Mooresville, North Carolina. We provide a very valuable service to anybody looking to purchase a Classic Car or Truck in the near future. As a full service restoration facility we work on these types of Classic Cars and Trucks everyday.


Classic Car Inspection Service NC




  We provide these vehicle inspections for the avid collector and someone who is considering a classic car purchase for the first time. Here at Quarter Mile Muscle we have specialized techs that know what they are looking for, especally when it comes to potential problem areas of a classic. Many Classic Cars look great from around your knees up really. 


Classic Car Inspection Service NC





 Our Classic Car Inspection Service NC includes the following information that you will receive along with many pictures.


  • Condition of Engine & Drive-train
  • Condition of Brakes and lines including master cylinder
  • Condition of Under carraige including floor pans and surounding sheet metal
  • Condition of Body bushings and other bushing areas
  • We will also inspect overall fit and finish
  • We will check over your electrical and lighting


Classic Car Inspection Services NC Classic Car Inspection Services NC  Classic Car Inspection Service NC



  Our Classic Car Inspection Service NC also includes Transport if needed. We will set up a time frame to pick the vehicle up and then inspect and return the vehicle if needed. If you live far away this may be an easier choice for you. We have had clients from over seas who have needed help really looking over a car or truck they were serious about. 


Classic Car Inspection Service NC


  Our Classic Car Inspection Service NC also can include a Vin check from the State if needed before you can register the car. we can set that up as well while your Classic Car is here. When you are considering a Classic Car purchase you want to make sure you are getting what you pay for and not getting a pretty lemon. So for a very reasonable inspection fee you may save your self thousands of dollars for some repairs that would be coming up soon. If there are any problems with your Classic Car or Truck of choice we can estimate any or all reapirs as noted in this inspection service.


Classic Car Inspection Services NC

  Quarter Mile Muscle does upgrades and repairs on many different Classics. We build Pro-touring and Restomods here as well. All projects stay inside our secure facility at all times unless we are test driving a vehicle. When a Classic Car is running and looking its best they are so much fun to enjoy. Have QMM look at our help you restore the Classic Car or Truck of your dreams. If you need help finding a certain hard to find vehicle we have pretty good sources to find almost any type of car or truck.


Quarter Mile Muscle is a Hagerty Insurance prefered repair facility for Classic Cars.

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Classic Car Painting in NC

Custom Car Painting in NC

  Classic Car Painting in NC by Quarter Mile Muscle of Mooresville, North Carolina. Here Quarter Mile Muscle works with Hagerty insurance as their prefered Classic Car Restoration Facility. Here at QMM we use high quality PPG paint products and we offer a warranty for our complete paint jobs. We have a large down draft paint booth that is clean and very bright. Our talented painters have been crafting their art for many years and this experience shows through with each paint job we do.

Classic Car Painting in NC

  There are many things to consider when choosing a restoration shop to repaint your old classic car or truck. One question is are they qualified to work on your classic or do they really specialize in day to day collision work? What sort of a warranty are shops offering for the level of paint work you are looking for?

  Here at Quarter Mile Muscle we prefer to paint projects from bare metal on up to final paint. Although we do repaints with out stripping the vehicle down as well, it just depends on the level of paint quality our client is looking for.We use high end primers and take the time to let them cure out. It's not about how many paint jobs you do as to how many you take the time to do well.



Classic Car Painting in NC  Classic Car Painting in NC  Classic Car Painting in NC




We want our paint jobs to speak for themselves and all the hard work we put into them will shine through.


Classic Car Painting in NC - The old saying "You get what you pay for" really does apply for Custom Paint work done right. Some paint jobs other shops do may look ok for a year or two but after the cheap clear has worn thin so will your nice paint job. Here at QMM we use high end PPG clears with UV protection built in. We do mix our own paint on-site and can tint most colors to match other paint jobs. We use many coats of clear on our high end projects.


Classic Car Painting in NC

 We do complete color changes which include door jambs, back side of doors, hood and truck lid. We can do more areas if the engine bay needs painted or the entire bottom side needs to be freshend up. We do custom painting on accent parts and install them if needed. From large projects to small projects we have the Custom Paint shop to handle it.


Classic Car Painting in NC  Classic Car Painting in NC  Classic Car Painting in NC


Classic Car Painting in NC - From Show Cars to daily drivers we paint them all. If you have a good plan with a great shop your project will turn out spectacular. For our show quality paint jobs we buff the last clear coat to a very high luster. Are you wanting your ride to stand out from the rest, then you need to take your project to our facility here in North Carolina where we can complete it as you like. 


Classic Car Painting in NC


Classic Car Painting in NC - Here at Quarter Mile Muscle we will keep you in the loop as much as you need through out your Custom Paint project. We take pictures during each cars process through our body shop and then into the final paint area. We have done complex paint jobs to camouflage customs. We do offer free estimates and can only accurately quote paint jobs after your car is here on site.



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Classic Camaro Restoration in Mooresville NC


   CLASSIC CAR RESTORATION IN MOORESVILLE NC by Quarter Mile Muscle. When it comes to choosing a Restoration or Custom Shop to work on your special project there are a few things to consider. Here are a few suggestions as we have seen many cars and trucks that have come to us from other so called restoration shops and it is scary when these shops cut corners.

  Why pay to have the same job done twice? When you take your classic car to a restoration shop that may not have the knowledge to do the install correctly, you get left with a shoty or sub-par install that will require another look in the near future. We will actually warranty our installs so if there ever is an issue at least you know we stand behind our workmanship. 


68 Charger Vintage Restomod by QMM LS Swap in a 58 Bel air


  When considering your cars saftey there is a Classic Car Restoration shop in Mooresville NC called Quarter Mile Muscle who will make sure your car is safe with us at all times. We are Fully Insured for most high end Classic Cars or Trucks so there is more peice of mind as many shops in our area barely have adiqute insurance and some none at all. We also have 24/7 video surveillance of our Restoration Facility. Then to top off our security measures we have a monitered alarm system just incase it is ever needed. Needless to say we take care of all projects in our posession here at Quarter Mile Muscle.


Frame off Third gen Camaro

  Classic Car Restoration in Mooresville NC - Quarter Mile Muscle does Transport projects all around the country and some over seas. We offer this service as it makes the whole restoration experience that much easier for our clients. We are also insured to Transport projects to and from our restoration and performance facility. It does not matter what condition your project is for us to be able to move it to our shop.



  Classic Car Restoration in Mooresville NC by Quarter Mile Muscle. Here at our Restoration and Performance facility we handle everything your project may need. From frame off restorations to custom paint and everything in between we have your project covered here at QMM.

69 Protouring Camaro getting custom paint.



  We have our own Mechanical department with guys who have worked on classic cars and trucks for many years. These guys know how to do clean work and respect your vehcile while its here. There is many years of Classic Car knowledge here at QMM. Then we have our own Metal Fabrication department. This department handles all rust repairs or sheet metal replacements. We also fabricate and modify for custom chassis work and mini tubs.



Metal Fab Metal Fab Metal Fab


We have created our own spoilers and spliters as well. When it comes to Custom Paint Quarter Mile Muscle does have some of the areas most talented guys. We use high quality PPG paint products and have a newer down draft paint booth large enough for most projects. For our show quality paint jobs we polish out every panel to a high luster. 


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Hagerty Ins. Approved Restoration Facility






Hot Rod Shop in Charlotte NC


 Welcome to Quarter Mile Muscle a Full Service Hot Rod Shop we build Pro-touring and Restomods here everyday. When you are looking for a quality minded Hot Rod Shop to build or modify your classic car or custom car you need to come check us out. We handle all types of different builds large and small. From custom chassis builds and drivetrain swaps to frame off period correct builds we have done them.


67 Chevelle Hot Rod by QMM 73 Camaro Pro-touring by QMM


Although the trend in the market is to have the classic car look with out the classic car boat feel. This is where we QMM picks up the wants of most newer owners. We provide all new Power Steering, Power Disc Brakes, Fuel Injection and Over Drive transmissions options in many classic cars and trucks projects. If this is what your old tired car or truck needs contact QMM today with your special project and our team will get to work on your vehicles transformation.


58 Chevy Bel air Custom by QMM Classic Chevy Truck - upgrades


Hot Rod Shop in Charlotte NC - When it comes time to make your Classic Car or Truck safer this is where QMM will be able to help you. We will provide you with a detailed list of your cars issues from what we are seeing from our exterior inspection process. We have the ability and technology to determine many of your vehicles problem areas. Sometimes it can be as simple as a few worn bushings and some wheel bearings and sometimes it is a bit more. Either way the first step to rebuilding a life long Classic is to correctly diagnose the problems and provide a plan to rectify them accordingly. QMM does provide pictures of problem areas along with a plan to correct these problems. 


Shelby Cobra - Factory Five 67 Corvette Restomod by QMM


Hot Rod Shop in Charlotte NC - Many times when a Classic Car or Truck has sat to long it may be impossible for the owner to move anymore. QMM is here to help you with these types of situations. We have pulled many cars out of many hard to get places such as barns, sheds, fields, garages, factories etc. We have been able to transport cars that have already been partially or fully dismantled. We have had projects come here from over seas and all across the country. 


67 Corvette Custom Suspension by QMM Classic Camaro Restomod by QMM


Hot Rod Shop in Charlotte NC - When your Hot Rod needs that custom Power Plant to show off to your buddies or co-workers we will suggest an engine to fit what type of ride you are wanting to build. No matter what type of Hot Rod you want we will build it so it will last and be enjoyable to drive for years to come. When your Classic feels like a boat rather than a car maybe it's time to upgrade your car or trucks suspension system. We install many aftermarket suspension systems and we also fabricate here in house with our Metal Craftsman who can build anything out of metal and aluminuim.


Complete chassis and engines by QMM  Disck Brakes and Coil over suspension


Hot Rod Shop in Charlotte NC - Quarter Mile Muscle does some of the areas best body and custom paint work around. Here at QMM we use high quality paint products such as PPG, House Of Kolor and Dupont. From ground up we use these higher quality products. This helps your custom paint job to last even longer than the shops that use cheap primers and clears. Our clear coats all have UV protection built in and after multple layers you can rest assured your paint job will not fade out quickly like others. We color sand and polish your car or trucks paint job to a high luster.


67 Camaro restomod by QMM Hot Rod Custom Paint by QMM


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Call Quarter Mile Muscle Inc. at 704-664-9544 or Click to email us. We buy and sell Classic Cars and Trucks. Quarter Mile Muscle is a full service restoration and sales facility. We can market your ride today, email us for more information. If you need help finding a specific Car or Truck let us know we will find it for you if it exsits out there.


Here are just some of our current Classic Cars For Sale below.


1958 Chevy Bel Air Restomod LS3


              1958 Chevy Bel air Restomod LS3 Custom call for price.

LS3 Custom



  Classic Cars For Sale in NC by Quarter Mile Muscle of Mooresville, North Carolina. We have a nice collection of classic cars that are currently For Sale here at QMM. From Classics that are period correct to the one off custom cars all For Sale. If you see a Classic car or truck that interests you feel free to contact us for any additional information or pictures you may need. We do offer transport of these vehicles to and from our facility. If you would like to see a certain vehicle we can schedule an appointment to do so upon request.


1962 Cadillac Convertible Custom For Sale 

1962 Cadillac Convertible Custom  Custom Cadillac by QMM


  If you are considering selling your Classic Car or Truck but not sure what it is worth in today's market you need to contact us. Since we sell and restore Classic Cars here at our facility we would be happy to let you know what your car is worth. For an accurate asking price we do require that your car or truck comes in for our evaluation of it's current condition. 


1969 Pontiac GTO Judge

1969 Pontiac Judge

1969 Pontiac GTO Judge "Not a Clone" For Sale



When a Classic car or truck goes up For Sale we offer a vehicle inspection to let you know any problems that we find with your vehicle. This way you have a chance to fix these problem areas so you can get the most out of your classic cars sale. If a potential buyer spots a leak or a rough idle situation they will be asking for you to lower the price nine times out of ten. Or maybe your classic car has been sitting for many years. If this is the case have us spend some time reconditioning your classic before you sell it, you will have many more buyers if it is presentable.


1966 Mustang

Classic Mustang

1966 Mustang For Sale



Classic Cars For Sale in NC - Here at Quarter Mile Muscle we have a full service restoration facility here on-site. So if a buyer would like to look at a classic car that is for sale contact us and we would be happy to schedule an appointment. We will place your car on one of our lifts and you can see for yourself before you buy what the car looks like from the bottom side. Time after time we see many classic car and truck owners that buy just on apperance alone. This can be a very costly mistake. There are plenty of people out there that will put "Lip stick on a pig" so to speak. There are many stories we can tell you of, hiding the cars problems rather than fixing them correctly.


1971 Chevy Chevelle 454 1971 Chevy Chevelle 454 Car For Sale

1971 Chevelle For Sale



Classic Cars For Sale in NC - If you purchase a Classic Car or Truck from us and need any more personal upgrades we can handle it while it is here. Or maybe you want to surprize somebody with a classic car or truck as a gift, we have plenty of options for you to choose from. If you do not see a car or truck like you want please let us know as we have many connections that allow us to find almost any type of vehicle. 




Classic Car For Sale in NC by Quarter Mile Muscle

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Classic Car Restoration NC


Restoration - Custom Paint - Performance

Restomod Camaro 1969


Classic Car Restoration NC by Quarter Mile Muscle where our Team is ready to take on your project today.


  Welcome to Quarter Mile Muscle where we specialize in Classic Car Restorations here in Mooresville, North Carolina. We do have many different clients that send projects to us from other states and even other countries from time to time. Our facility is very large at 28,000 square feet so this means your project will have plenty of space as we work around your classic car or truck. We are fully insured and treat all projects here with the up most respect. We do transport projects from anyplace in the world. Contact QMM today for a free quote on transport.


Classic Car Restoration NC



 Classic Car Restoration NC - When it comes time to restore your Classic Car or Truck and you do not know where to begin we will help you. We will inspect your vehicle when it first comes in here at QMM from top to bottom and front to back. Once our inspection process is completed we will contact you and let you know the current condition of your Classic vehicle. Then we will talk about your choices as to what you would like us to do for your specific project. We do frame off and partial restorations here on site from start to finish. This is a one stop shop for restorations and custom cars to be built or serviced.


Classic Car Restoration NC Classic Car Restoration NC



  Classic Car Restoration NC - If your looking for a Classic Car to buy we do buy and sell Classic Cars from time to time. Here are just a few that are currently "For Sale" here at Quarter Mile Muscle. If you would like more information on any of these Classic Cars please do not hesitate to contact us. We will assist in transport of any of these Classic Cars.



One off Custom 58 Chevy Bel air


Classic Car Restoration NC Classic Car Restoration NC Classic Car Restoration NC



Restomod 62 Cadillac Convertible



Classic Car Restoration NC Classic Car Restoration NC Classic Car Restoration NC





69 Pontiac GTO Judge - Not a Clone




Classic Car Restoration NC Classic Car Restoration NC Classic Car Restoration NC


  Classic Car Restoration NC - We have a clean facility and this also refelcts into our quality of projects. We are busy and have projects in different phases of restoration. So from the final paint to the media blasting and rust repairs QMM has your Classic Car covered. We have a great team of technicians are here and ready to take your Classic Car to the next level. From period correct builds to one off mind blowing customs and everything in between is what you find here at Quarter Mile Muscle.





Classic Car Restoration NC - Contact Quarter Mile Muscle today so we can get you going in the right direction with your project. 


Restoration - Custom Paint - Performance

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Auto Restoration and Maintenance 


  When you are looking for Auto Restoration and maintenance for your vehicle contact Quarter Mile Muscle today. We have a great restoration team here at QMM that is very knowledgeable with classic cars and trucks. From period correct to wild restomods we know our cars inside and out. We have a large 27,000 square foot facility that is fully secured and insured for your projects protection while it's stay with us. 

Auto Restoration and Maintenance







Quarter Mile Muscle does offer Transport from all over the World to our large Restoration Facility.


   For your projects Auto Restoration and Maintenance needs we offer free estimates based on your car or trucks current condition. If you are not sure what type of restoration your project may need we can help you with this. With many classic car and truck projects there are many things to consider. First thing to consider is saftey. Is your classic car still safe to drive on the road? This is a question many of us ask when spring comes around. QMM does inspect classic vehicles from top to bottom and we will let you know what the real current condition of your vehicle is. We will get your car updated to handle todays stop and go traffic. 


Auto Restoration and Maintenance







     A Quality Auto Restoration and Maintenance is hard to come by as there are plenty of under qualified restoration shops out there. We pride ourselves with our talent and abilities to think out side of the box when needed. We have the latest in tooling and have a clean enviorment in which to restore or repair your vehicle. We get asked from time to time if we do insurance work. We do work with some insurance companies like Hagerty for example. We do choose to use Made in the USA parts when we can. We believe in the quality of American Made parts here at QMM!



 Auto Restoration and Maintenance






        Sometimes Auto Restoration and Maintenance can leed into customizing a vehicle. This is an area we excell in as we know how to build some great Custom Rides. This is why some professional ball players seek us out to help them create a one off car or truck for them. If you are looking for a true one off car than you need a shop that can handle such a build. Here at Quarter Mile Muscle we have the talent and the tools to take your ride to the next level.





Auto Restoration and Maintenance - By Quarter Mile Muscle From Frame off Restorations to Maintenance issues contact us today.


Engine Swaps in North Carolina by QMM


  Welcome to Quarter Mile Muscle where we perform many types of Engine Swaps in most makes and models. From period correct swaps to new fuel injected swaps QMM is here for you and your project. QMM takes great pride in doing Clean installs and attention to details with each project.

  When upgrading from old technology to newer more advanced technology there are some obstacles to overcome in many cases. Many things need to be considered when changing out engines. What engine is the best choice for your build, to rebuild or aftermarket engine comes to mind. This is where a professional shop can really help with the choices out there for your project, based on your budget.



LS3 Swap LS9 Super Charged LS9 Swap



  Engine Swaps in North Carolina - QMM does supply and install new crate engines here on-site. Our Mechanical Techs have many years of professional experience in the engine swap field. We also offer engine rebuilding with upgrading the internals, if this is what your wanting. If you are looking to modify your current power plant or replace it we have you covered.

  From aftermarket performance parts to period correct parts we give you what you want. We install big blocks, small blocks, fuel injected, forced air injected and so on, depending on the project and budget. With our location here in Mooresville NC we have some of North Carolina's best, when it comes to performance knowledge. This is the heart of NASCAR country and we enjoy or rides.


Engine Swap LS Fuel Injected Engine Swap LS Swap



 Engine Swaps in North Carolina - We have many clients who like to enjoy their classic cars, but after a completed Engine swap by QMM they enjoy them that much more. We can get you plenty of horse power and tourqe for your special build. We build classic cars that can handle going fast, stopping fast and that can handle any curve in the road it comes upon. So if you have a great looking classic car and would like to enjoy modern technology such as fuel injection and have overdrive QMM is the shop for you.




 Engine Swaps will range in price due to many factors. We can get you an estimate based on some information we need from you about your vehicle. If you are considering upgrading your vehicle contact us with your project today. Our facility is a full service shop, from start to finish we restore vehilces day in and day out. Our techs understand the quality standards we have set for them with each project we work on here at Quarter Mile Muscle. Transport of projects from any place can be provided if needed.


Email QMM here with your project. Or Call us at 704-664-9544 we here to help.





  Welcome to Quarter Mile Muscle our Hot Rod Shop is located here in Mooresville, North Carolina. In the heart of NASCAR country we know how to build some really great Hot Rods around here. Our team builds custom one off cars and trucks for those looking for a fun Hot Rod. The Hot Rod industry has evolved over many years and continues to do so still today. Our approach is planning then building quality into these custom one off Hot Rods. We supply all parts and handle the entire build, from start to finish here at Quarter Mile Muscle. 



1967 Chevelle Hot Rod




  Hot Rod Bel air

   Hot Rod Shop NC - When you think about a Hot Rod the Engine is what comes to mind. We will help you with this choice if you would like some direction for your build. We install and sell many types of high performance engines here at Quarter Mile Muscle. From fuel injected crate LS engines to custom built engines built to your specs. We enjoy keeping our installs neat and clean.

  We hide wiring and certain hoses out of the way so you can enjoy the veiw of your Hot Rods engine bay. When our team installs your engine it will be correct for your application. There is plenty of aftermarket choices in parts out there to help us ensure your car will be different from the others at the car show. We will also get your Hot Rod going down the road with a transmission built to handle your needs.



1958 Bel air Hot Rod




  Hot Rod Shop NC - When it comes to Chassis choices for your Hot Rod there is plenty of options out there. Our Frame repairs and modifications are done with accuracy in mind. Our talented metal guys understand how important it is to get everything just right. We have had to repair plenty of rusted frames over the years.

  When we are building a Hot Rod that we want to shred up the parking lot course, we carefully plan out our components for each build. This will prevent any unnessesarry back ups during the build process. We consider your Hot Rods design when we choose a suspension set up. Some builds have coil over suspensions and others have air ride suspensions.








   Hot Rod Shop NC - Here at Quarter Mile Muscle we strive to do some high quality custom sheet metal work. From custom bead rolled sheet metal that gets installed to look as if it grew together. We do custom transmission tunnels and mini tub installs. Maybe your Hot Rod needs custom floor pans, well we custom fabricte them here to achieve a certain look.




Second Gen Camaro Hot Rod




  QMM also builds custom dash and gauge panels to fit any application. We have shaved many door handles and even frencehed in plenty of headlights. So depending on your Hot Rods design we are able to build them to last.


Custom Chevelle



   Hot Rod Shop NC - Everybody knows that a Hot Rod with a Custom Paint job stands out any place it goes. Quarter Mile Muscle has a great custom paint department that does high quality paint work. We use the best in Automotive paint products. QMM does mix PPG custom paint here on site. We have a state of the art scan tool that will match just about any color you like for your Hot Rod build.

  We do design custom paint jobs for many clients. If your Hot Rod needs that show quality shine to it, our experienced paint techs are able to handle all the block and polish work. Here at Quarter Mile Muscle our high end custom paint jobs have depth with plenty of glossy / wet shine to them. 



Hot Rod Custom Painted



  When your Hot Rod is needing custom Upholstery work we will get it taken care of. With my options in materials used and designs that work well with your build we will lend a hand in helping you decide what works best for your needs. We use Made In The USA parts here. Transport is available from anyplace in the world.

USA Parts here at QMM


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