Classic Car Paint Jobs 

1972 Corvette Custom Painted by QMM


  Classic Car Paint Jobs by Quarter Mile Muscle of Mooresville, North Carolina. Welcome to our Classic Car Restoration blog about Automotive Painting. Here we will share some of our own Classic Car Paint Jobs. Quarter Mile Muscle does Transport Classic Cars from around the World to come here to be Restored. There is many different types of "Paint Shops" out there. This is why pricing of Classic Car Paint Jobs can be across the board from shop to shop. Quarter Mile Muscle is a higher end Shop that is looking to challenge ourselves with each project.


               Classic Car Paint Jobs           Classic Car Paint Jobs


  Here at Quarter Mile we have seen many Classic Cars with varying levels of Paint Work. Many of these Classic Cars start having issues for many different reasons. Some due to how an owner has taken care of his or her car. Many times it may not matter how well you take care of your Classic Car when the "cheap paint shop" down the road took "short cuts" and used the cheapest paint products on the market to paint your Classic. This happens all the time as we see Classic Cars that have bubbling, cracking, peeling and fading paint issues. Also if your car or truck has many coats of previous paint and clears this is going to cause a problem sooner than later.


Classic Car Paint Jobs Classic Car Paint JobsClassic Car Paint Jobs  



  Our Classic Car Paint Jobs here at Quarter Mile are performed by doing the correct steps the first time around. We prefer to have a freshly media blasted car and then start in with preparing the body for body work. When you take a Classic Car back to bare steel or fiberglass you are basically starting over. Media blasting will remove every paint job your car has ever had. This eliminates many chances of your new paint job from failing any time soon. There are many types of media blasting and associated material used. From wallnut shells, sand, soda and small glass shards are used. We choose the right media to blast with depending on our project.


Classic Car Paint Jobs


  When Classic Car Paint Jobs are done correctly you can expect your car or truck to look good for many years. We use high quality paints, primers and sealers here at QMM. When our Body Guys take on a new paint project they understand how important good body work is to end up with a great Paint Job. We take the time to look for any imperfections such as any slight dips or waves in a cars body that should not be there. Our Body and Paint Techs have many years of experience crafting their talnted abilities.


Classic Car Paint Job



  Our Classic Car Paint Jobs will be the envy at your next Car Show. When a company actually takes pride in what they do you can expect great workmanship. When you hire a Shop to repaint your Classic Car or Truck remember if you expect quality than you will need to pay for it. These high end paint jobs take many man hours to perfect. This is why not to many macco paint jobs are winning any awards for thier painting abilities. We would rather have a car or truck right before we paint.

         Classic Car Paint Jobs        Classic Car Paint Jobs       Classic Car Paint Jobs


 Many people think that after your paint a car you are all done. This is fine if you are completly happy with that. We here at Quarter Mile Muscle take it to a show quality level. We actually do what they call "Block n Polish" the clear coats. This means we gently sand with a very, very fine grit sand paper. Then we come back through with a variable speed buffer. We have many buffing compounds we use depending on what sort of outcome we are looking for. We do send out Car and Trucks with that deep clear polished look that look so good your finger could just go through the clear into the color coat.



  Classic Car Paint Jobs






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