Engine Swaps in North Carolina by QMM


  Welcome to Quarter Mile Muscle where we perform many types of Engine Swaps in most makes and models. From period correct swaps to new fuel injected swaps QMM is here for you and your project. QMM takes great pride in doing Clean installs and attention to details with each project.

  When upgrading from old technology to newer more advanced technology there are some obstacles to overcome in many cases. Many things need to be considered when changing out engines. What engine is the best choice for your build, to rebuild or aftermarket engine comes to mind. This is where a professional shop can really help with the choices out there for your project, based on your budget.



LS3 Swap LS9 Super Charged LS9 Swap



  Engine Swaps in North Carolina - QMM does supply and install new crate engines here on-site. Our Mechanical Techs have many years of professional experience in the engine swap field. We also offer engine rebuilding with upgrading the internals, if this is what your wanting. If you are looking to modify your current power plant or replace it we have you covered.

  From aftermarket performance parts to period correct parts we give you what you want. We install big blocks, small blocks, fuel injected, forced air injected and so on, depending on the project and budget. With our location here in Mooresville NC we have some of North Carolina's best, when it comes to performance knowledge. This is the heart of NASCAR country and we enjoy or rides.


Engine Swap LS Fuel Injected Engine Swap LS Swap



 Engine Swaps in North Carolina - We have many clients who like to enjoy their classic cars, but after a completed Engine swap by QMM they enjoy them that much more. We can get you plenty of horse power and tourqe for your special build. We build classic cars that can handle going fast, stopping fast and that can handle any curve in the road it comes upon. So if you have a great looking classic car and would like to enjoy modern technology such as fuel injection and have overdrive QMM is the shop for you.




 Engine Swaps will range in price due to many factors. We can get you an estimate based on some information we need from you about your vehicle. If you are considering upgrading your vehicle contact us with your project today. Our facility is a full service shop, from start to finish we restore vehilces day in and day out. Our techs understand the quality standards we have set for them with each project we work on here at Quarter Mile Muscle. Transport of projects from any place can be provided if needed.


Email QMM here with your project. Or Call us at 704-664-9544 we here to help.



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