Welcome to Quarter Mile Muscle our Hot Rod Shop is located here in Mooresville, North Carolina. In the heart of NASCAR country we know how to build some really great Hot Rods around here. Our team builds custom one off cars and trucks for those looking for a fun Hot Rod. The Hot Rod industry has evolved over many years and continues to do so still today. Our approach is planning then building quality into these custom one off Hot Rods. We supply all parts and handle the entire build, from start to finish here at Quarter Mile Muscle. 



1967 Chevelle Hot Rod




  Hot Rod Bel air

   Hot Rod Shop NC - When you think about a Hot Rod the Engine is what comes to mind. We will help you with this choice if you would like some direction for your build. We install and sell many types of high performance engines here at Quarter Mile Muscle. From fuel injected crate LS engines to custom built engines built to your specs. We enjoy keeping our installs neat and clean.

  We hide wiring and certain hoses out of the way so you can enjoy the veiw of your Hot Rods engine bay. When our team installs your engine it will be correct for your application. There is plenty of aftermarket choices in parts out there to help us ensure your car will be different from the others at the car show. We will also get your Hot Rod going down the road with a transmission built to handle your needs.



1958 Bel air Hot Rod




  Hot Rod Shop NC - When it comes to Chassis choices for your Hot Rod there is plenty of options out there. Our Frame repairs and modifications are done with accuracy in mind. Our talented metal guys understand how important it is to get everything just right. We have had to repair plenty of rusted frames over the years.

  When we are building a Hot Rod that we want to shred up the parking lot course, we carefully plan out our components for each build. This will prevent any unnessesarry back ups during the build process. We consider your Hot Rods design when we choose a suspension set up. Some builds have coil over suspensions and others have air ride suspensions.








   Hot Rod Shop NC - Here at Quarter Mile Muscle we strive to do some high quality custom sheet metal work. From custom bead rolled sheet metal that gets installed to look as if it grew together. We do custom transmission tunnels and mini tub installs. Maybe your Hot Rod needs custom floor pans, well we custom fabricte them here to achieve a certain look.




Second Gen Camaro Hot Rod




  QMM also builds custom dash and gauge panels to fit any application. We have shaved many door handles and even frencehed in plenty of headlights. So depending on your Hot Rods design we are able to build them to last.


Custom Chevelle



   Hot Rod Shop NC - Everybody knows that a Hot Rod with a Custom Paint job stands out any place it goes. Quarter Mile Muscle has a great custom paint department that does high quality paint work. We use the best in Automotive paint products. QMM does mix PPG custom paint here on site. We have a state of the art scan tool that will match just about any color you like for your Hot Rod build.

  We do design custom paint jobs for many clients. If your Hot Rod needs that show quality shine to it, our experienced paint techs are able to handle all the block and polish work. Here at Quarter Mile Muscle our high end custom paint jobs have depth with plenty of glossy / wet shine to them. 



Hot Rod Custom Painted



  When your Hot Rod is needing custom Upholstery work we will get it taken care of. With my options in materials used and designs that work well with your build we will lend a hand in helping you decide what works best for your needs. We use Made In The USA parts here. Transport is available from anyplace in the world.

USA Parts here at QMM


   Contact Quarter Mile Muscle with your Hot Rod build today. Call us at 704-664-9544


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