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  Welcome to Quarter Mile Muscle where we enjoy transforming these Classic Cars into easier and more enjoable rides for everyone. From LS Swaps in Classic Cars or Trucks to complete chassis and suspension upgrades. Depending on what you would like to have built there are many LS swap options out there. We prefer to install new crate engines with factory warranties. Quarter Mile Muscle does supply new LS engines and wiring harnesses as needed per project.  

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  LS Swaps - Here at Quarter Mile Muscle, we carefully remove your old drivetrain to make way for the new fuel injected LS swap. If any fabrication work is needed for your classic we have our own in house custom metal fabricators. We have smoothed plenty of firewalls and modified plenty of trans tunnels to help accept your new powerplant. We will even mini tub your ride if thats the look you like.

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  LS Swaps here in North Carolina should be installed by a professional shop such as QMM. There are many reasons your shop around the corner should not attemp to do an ls swap. There needs to be a clean enviroment with the abilities of a tech that understands how the computer is controlling your cars performance level. We have techs that understand what it takes to get an LS running it's best consistently.


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  LS Swaps - Should I consider a LS Swap for my project vehicle? That is a great question. If you enjoy reliable starting and a consistant idle at stops, then a LS might be for you. It's hard to beat a well tuned LS engine. You will enjoy the relablity of an LS as you sit at your first stop light. Then the throttle response of an LS is immediate as you start to take off you notice how hard your car now pulls off the line.

LS swaps are not cheap, but they are well worth it everytime you take your classic car out.


  LS Swaps - Can go into about any vehicle but there will be some modifications depending on the vehicle. We have installed them in four by four Jeeps to Classic Chevelle's and Camaro's. With most of our LS swaps going into Classic Cars there is a good reason why many of us collectors really just want to enjoy the ride rather than worry if they will make it back home.


  From the new wiring harneses to the new digital dash conversions, we have your project covered here at Quarter Mile Muscle. We do supply all engines and drivetrains needed for any project. Have us spec out your hot rod parts and we will save you time and money. Let us help you enjoy your classic ride!



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