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MOPAR RESTORATION IN NC - Welcome to Quarter Mile Muscle of Mooresville, North Carolina. We do complete and partail automotive restorations here at our facility. When a project comes in to us here at QMM we can inspect these classics for any issue you may have. Then we come up with a game plan to get your car corrected. We do estimate some repairs and other repairs are on a time and material basis, it just depends on what your project may need. We do Transport projects to our facility from all over the USA. 




MOPAR RESTORATION IN NC - We have restored all kinds of MOPARS, from Super Bee's, Road Runners, Super Birds and even Challengers and Chargers. We do unstand what it takes to get these classic cars running and looking great again. We have a full Mechanical devision here for all your mechanical needs. We do complete drivetrain swaps and susupension upgrades here at our facility. We also convert old tired drum brakes over to power disc brakes so you are able to stop quicker in todays stop and go traffic. If you are looking to add fuel injection we do install all kinds of aftermarket efi set ups. We also upgrade many project with new vintage ac systems to help keep you cool while out driving in the Summer heat.


Super bird



MOPAR RESTORATION IN NC - When it comes time to freshen up your classic MOPAR's paint job, we do complete custom paint work here on site. We have a large down draft paint booth that helps eliminate any contaminates in the air while we are painting. This means you will have a much nicer paint job in the end. For those looking for that deep wet look that is show quality we do offer this type of paint job as well. We use the best automotive paint products that are on the market today. If you need us to color match a specific color we do this here on site. Our body guys will get your car nice and straight before we get to the actual base coat clear coat part of the job.






MOPAR RESTORATION IN NC - If your classic MOPAR needs any metal repairs due to rust issues we do have our own metal fabrication department that does exceptional work with these muscle cars. We handle all floor pan, trunk pan, quarter panel and roof panel installs right here. We do mig and tig welding depending on what we are working on and what type of material we are working with. 


Plymouth Barracuda



MOPAR RESTORATION IN NC - When your classic MOPAR's  interior is in need of some help we do complete upholstery work here. From new headliners to carpets and seats to door panels and dash and console work. If you need something more custom we do complete custom upholstery work and we can use any sort of material you may want. We offer real leather, vinyl, exotic materials as well. We do repairs seat frames and clean and paint them before we repad and cover them. 


MOPAR Restoration in NC



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