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  NC Auto Restoration by Quarter Mile Muscle of Mooresville, North Carolina. Here at our large Automotive Restoration Facility your Car or Truck will be taken care of while we work on your car's improvements. We offer a Complete Full Service Restoration Shop. We also offer Frame off and Partial Restoration Services for many makes. If you need help Transporting your project to our Shop we do provide this service upon request. QMM is in the heart of NASCAR country and our Restoration Team here is ready to get your Car or Truck back in shape.

1967 Camaro Restomod


  NC Auto Restoration and Performance Upgrades are supplied here by QMM. We do stock many new Aftermarket and OEM parts here at our Shop. Our Mechanical Techs handle everything from Complete Engine Swaps from Big Blocks and small blocks to Wiring issues. Our Techs will remove and install Transmissions a long with upgrades if any. QMM does improve on these Classic Cars by installing all new Four Wheel Disc Brakes Systems. We do supply and install many different types of Aftermarket parts on these Classic Cars.


Four Wheel Disc Brakes


  NC Auto Restoration and Suspension by QMM. Many of these Classic Cars and Trucks really need improvements, such as removing a poor handling suspension system. We offer many ways to improve upon your Car or Trucks current suspension system. From Coil over systems to air ride adjustable systems we supply and install them all.

  Maybe you would like to save some weight by removing the old leaf spring technology and going with a complete Four Link set up. For those looking for maximum Performance and Handling we do supply and install New Chassis built for wider wheel options. If you are trying to stay period correct we can rebuild your Suspension as it was back in the day. 


Complete Chassis and Engine Swaps


  NC Auto Restoration and Steering upgrades for your Classic Car. When you wish your Classic Car or Truck could handle like your modern car of today, we can help you achieve this. QMM does remove old power steering gear boxes that are completly worn out and loose. We can supply your car with a new gear box or we can talk about a upgrade called Rack n Pinion Steering. Rack n Pinion Steering will take all that slop in your Classic Car or Trucks current Steering wheel. This will make your Classic handle much quicker to corner and turn easier. 


Tubular A Arms and Rack n Pinion


  NC Auto Restoration and Custom Painting here at Quarter Mile Muscle. A QMM Custom Paint Job will set your Classic Car or Truck apart from all others. We take all the right steps with out cutting and corners that many body shops do. We use the best Automotive Paint products on the market today.

  With our talented painters anything is possible. You let us know what you would like and we will take care of the rest. When it comes to Custom Car Painting you really do get what you pay for. Paint jobs that are any good just take time to get them just right. We take great pride in our abilities to produce Show Quality paint jobs. 


NC Auto Restoration NC Auto Restoration NC Auto Restoration





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